Market Place

The Butterfly DXP system provides powerful marketplace capabilities that make it a perfect choice for firms attempting to supply a platform for their associates and organizations. This module facilitates companies to generate and manage an online platform where partners and other businesses can list and offer their products and services, thereby providing a larger selection of options for customers. Our marketplace module makes it a beneficial answer for businesses that are aiming to increase their presence and extend the range of goods in the digital commerce industry.
Products Listing from Suppliers
Our platform permits enterprises to register and exhibit items from a variety of vendors on a single, unified site. This gives businesses the possibility to supply their customers with an extensive range of goods and services, making it easier for them to locate what they are searching for.
Supplier Specific Campaign Management
The platform offers strong and adjustable supplier-specific campaign management capabilities. This attribute enables companies to generate targeted promotional strategies for individual suppliers, guaranteeing that their goods and services are presented to the suitable crowd at the proper moment. With the capacity to manage campaigns for particular suppliers, businesses can craft extremely focused and successful marketing efforts.
Multi Vendor Order Facility
The Butterfly DXP commerce platform presents a strong and adaptable option for customers who wish to acquire from various vendors in the same basket. This characteristic permits clients to quickly add items from different providers to their basket, and then finalize their purchase and pay for all the items with one transaction.
Integration w/ Suppliers' System via API
The Butterfly provides a strong and flexible API that makes for straightforward unification with suppliers' systems. This auto integration ability permits companies to quickly and expeditiously link up with their vendors, simplifying the process of exchanging data and automating numerous manual operations. It also allows for immediate data transmission, guaranteeing that information is accurate and current at all times.