Product Information Management (PIM)

The Butterfly DXP commerce platform offers an exceptional Product Information Management (PIM) component, rendering it the ideal selection for companies seeking to effectively manage their product details. The PIM module delivers businesses a centralized control panel for controlling product information, as well as the capability to add item descriptions, photographs, and technical specs.
Attribute Manager
The attribute manager provides businesses with the ability to establish, manage, and arrange product characteristics such as size, color, and material. The attribute manager also furnishes customizable attribute sets, granting businesses the capacity to generate personal attributes that are special to their merchandise and field.
Category Management
The product information section possesses solid category administration capabilities which make it an optimal option for companies aspiring to handle their product information proficiently. The category management module gives businesses the capacity to generate and maintain product categories, subcategories, and item associations.
Product Approval Workflow
The PIM provides a convenient product approval process which makes it the ideal selection for companies looking to effectively manage their product data. It also allows businesses to set up a review and endorsement system for fresh or modified products, guaranteeing that all product details are precise and current before it is distributed.
The import and export features facilitate companies to swiftly move product details between diverse systems, permitting them to rapidly and effortlessly modify product information in general. The component facilitates multiple file types, containing CSV, XML and JSON.