Supplier Portal

The supplier portal is a key module of the Butterfly DXP commerce platform that provides suppliers with a secure, web-based portal where they can manage their products, shipments, and orders. The supplier portal offers a range of features and capabilities that make it easy for suppliers to manage their operations and communicate with businesses. The supplier portal provides suppliers with real-time access to order information, shipping information, and product information, making it easier for them to respond to customer inquiries and fulfill orders.
Merchant Product Management
The merchant product management module offers advanced inventory management capabilities, allowing businesses to track product availability and update pricing information in real-time. It also integrates with our payment and shipping systems, ensuring a seamless and secure checkout process for customers.
Merchant Order Management
This module furnishes businesses with a unified control panel for supervising customer orders, including the capability to observe order details, modify order condition, and organize shipping information. Moreover, the module gives advanced reporting and analytics capabilities, permitting businesses to monitor the accomplishment of their online sales and create informed business choices.
Merchant Shipment Management
The module provides a powerful merchant shipping and delivery capability that makes it the perfect option for companies aiming to streamline their online order fulfilment. This merchant freight and parcel management component gives businesses a single control panel for controlling shipments and deliveries.
Merchant API
The Butterfly DXP marketplace platform provides an effective merchant API that makes it the best option for corporations contemplating combining your partners's structures with yours. The merchant API furnishes a dependable and adjustable way for companies to access and regulate their data on the Butterfly DXP platform, incorporating item data, order particulars, and customer details.